Glass to Wall T Shape 90° Shower Hinge
Glass to Wall T Shape 90° Shower Hinge
Item No:SHT-A-ST
1.Designed for 3/8"(10mm) and 1/2"(12mm)Glass
2.Solid Forged Brass Construction
3.Dual Precision Wound Stainless Return Springs
4.Match Stainless Steel Alan Style Clamp Screws
(Alan Wrench Included) and Philips Screws
5.Self-Closing from 25 Degrees
6.Wall Mount Full back "H" Plate



  • Weight of door: 45 kg Using 2 Hinges (maximum)

  • Glass width: 914mm (maximum)

Brass body

  • Self-centering when within 25° of closed position

  • Cover caps to Conceal fixinas (Chrome Plated only)

  • Protective clear wrap on hinge plates

  • Glass size: 8-10mm glass

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